Enrollment Verification / Certification

How to Request Enrollment Verification / Certification and Statements of Standing

Students may request official verification of enrollment, classification, degrees received, and academic status for business employment and financial aid purposes.

Authenticity of Official Documents

Official transcripts and certification letters are produced on colored security paper that does not require a raised seal. The school seal and the registrar's name are incorporated in the paper. A black and white copy is not official. When photocopied the word "copy" and the school name should appear.

Student Consent for Release of Academic Records

Students may authorize someone else to order transcripts and certification letters on their behalf. The person ordering the document must have a written note signed by a student. The note should contain the following information:

  • the name of the person who has permission to order the transcript or certification letter
  • whether the document is to be picked up or mailed out of the office (mailing address should be included)
  • the student's name, UNT ID number, date of birth, and approximate dates of attendance at North Texas
  • the type of certification letter, if applicable (e.g. degree certification, academic standing, etc.)
  • the student's written signature
  • the person ordering the document will need to present a picture ID.

Parental Affidavit for Academic Information

This form allows parents who claim their student as a dependent on their most recently filed income taxes to request academic information about the student.

Types of Verification / Certification

  • Proof of Enrollment
  • Degree
  • Rank in Class
  • Academic Standing
  • Hours attempted/earned
  • Cumulative GPA (UNT coursework only)
  • Major
  • Classification
  • Course Schedule
  • Anticipated Graduation Date

How to Order a Verification / Certification Letter-Loan Deferment

Students can request a certification letter or loan deferment in person, by letter, or by fax (940-565-4463). The request should include the following information:

  • student's full name and any previous names if applicable
  • student's social security number
  • student's signature
  • the type of verification needed (e.g. GPA, degree verification, current enrollment, etc.) and
  • the address in which to mail the official letter.

Certification letters and loan deferments will not be faxed out!

Employers, universities, lenders, or other third-party requestors needing verification of enrollments or degree should contact the National Student Clearinghouse, an online degree and enrollment verification service provider. The National Student Clearinghouse verification services are available online at www.nationalstudentclearinghouse.org.

Additional Resources

For more information, contact the Registrar's Information Counter by calling 940-565-2111 or visiting Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) Room 147.