While the University recently announced the cancellation of all in person classes for the week of March 16-22 for COVID-19 (coronavirus) precautions, the Office of the Registrar continues to provide services by phone and through email.  However, we encourage students to utilize virtual options as much as possible when seeking assistance.

For up-to-date information on UNT’s response to the coronavirus, please visit healthalerts.unt.edu.

I want to... How to... Form For more information please go to...
Update my personal information To update Date of Birth, Gender Marker, Social Security Number, Mailing Address, or Legal Name, please provide notarized copies of legal documentation substantiating the change or correction and the completed Record Change Form to Registrar.Records@unt.edu.  Record Change Form https://registrar.unt.edu/transcripts-and-records/update-your-personal-information
Update my Chosen Name To update Chosen name, please complete the Chosen Name Form and submit to Registrar.Records@unt.edu. Chosen Name Form https://registrar.unt.edu/transcripts-and-records/update-your-personal-information
Withhold or release directory information Complete the Directory Information Withhold/Release form and submit to Registrar@unt.edu. Directory Information Withhold/Release Form https://registrar.unt.edu/transcripts-and-records/withhold-or-release-your-personal-information
Change my residency status After residing in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months, you may apply for reclassification as a resident for tuition purposes. Proof of intention to reside permanently in the state must be provided. Residency Core Questions Form https://registrar.unt.edu/transcripts-and-records/residency-information
Use my VA benefits Once you apply for your education benefits and receive
your Certificate of Eligibility, contact our School Certifying Officials at Registrar.Veterans@unt.edu or 940-369-8021.
https://registrar.unt.edu/veterans/forms https://registrar.unt.edu/veterans/faq
Register for classes Currently active students can register for classes online through your MyUNT. Select Enrollment then Class Search and Enroll. To see when your registration begins check the Registration Guides. myUNT https://registrar.unt.edu/registration
Cancel my classes (all classes before a session/term begin) Students can cancel their courses for future terms before a session/term begins through myUNT myUNT https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/canceling-classes
Drop a class with a "W" (but not all of my classes) Complete the Request to Drop form and submit to Registrar.Classes@unt.edu. Form must be signed and filled out completely. Request to Drop Class Form https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/dropping-class
Reinstate a class I dropped You have five business days from the drop to request to be reinstated into your class.  Complete the Request to Reinstate Dropped Class form and submit to Registrar.Classes@unt.edu.  Form must be signed and filled out completely.  Request to Reinstate Dropped Class form https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/dropping-class
Drop all of my classes (all classes after a session/term began) To drop all of your courses from a session or a term AFTER the term begins, you must go through the Dean of Students Office. Request should be submitted to deanofstudents@unt.edu. deanofstudents@unt.edu https://deanofstudents.unt.edu/withdrawals
Order an official UNT transcript Order your official transcript online through your MyUNT under Academic Records. If you do not have a MyUNT, please go to the Transcripts Plus system UNT order form. To check on your order please go to "Check the Status of My Order" myUNT https://registrar.unt.edu/transcripts-and-records/unt-order-transcript-online
Get an enrollment verification Current and former UNT students may request their own enrollment verification/certification through a direct link in MyUNT.  Students may request official verification of enrollment, classification, degrees received, and academic status for business employment and financial aid purposes. If additional verification information, that is not included in the list above is needed, please email Registrar.Classes@unt.edu. myUNT https://registrar.unt.edu/transcripts-and-records/enrollment-verification-certification
Re-enroll at UNT after being gone for a year or more If you are a former undergraduate UNT student who has not yet earned their first bachelor's degree, please complete the Readmit Application through ApplyTexas.org. To check the status of your readmit application please log onto your MyUNT and select Admissions. applytexas.org https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/former-returning-undergraduate-student
Update my readmit application to a new term If you have submitted a readmit application within the past year but wish to change when you will return to UNT, please complete the request form and email to Registrar@unt.edu. Update Readmit Application https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/former-returning-undergraduate-student
Withdraw my readmit application If you have submitted a readmit application for an upcoming semester but no longer wish to return, please complete the request form and email to Registrar@unt.edu. Update Readmit Application https://registrar.unt.edu/registration/former-returning-undergraduate-student
Apply for graduation To submit a graduation application go to your MyUNT and select Academic Records. If it is past the deadline, please contact your academic advisor for a late graduation application. To check the status of your graduation application please log onto your MyUNT and select Academic Records, then View My Graduation Application. myUNT https://registrar.unt.edu/apply-graduate
Withdraw my graduation application Undergraduate students can email the Withdraw Graduation Application form to Registrar.Graduation@unt.edu. Remember, you will need to re-apply for graduation! If you are a master or doctoral student please contact Toulouse Graduate School Graduation Services at graduation@unt.edu Withdraw Graduation Application https://registrar.unt.edu/apply-graduate
Update my graduation application to a new term If you are an undergraduate student please contact your academic advisor to update your graduation application. If you are a masters or doctoral student please contact Toulouse Graduate School Graduation Services at graduation@unt.edu. Undergraduate Students- Academic Advising

Graduate Students- graduation@unt.edu
Undergraduate Students- https://vpaa.unt.edu/advising

Graduate Students- https://tgs.unt.edu/
Change the name for my diploma Students may change the name for their diploma on their MyUNT when viewing the status of their graduation application. If you are making a legal change to your name, please follow instructions at Update My Personal Information. myUNT


Apply for the $1000 Tuition Rebate Undergraduate students earning their first bachelor's degree should submit the application during their final semester before graduation. Sign and email the application to Registrar@unt.edu. Students will receive an letter no later than 60 days after graduation. $1000 Tuition Rebate Application https://registrar.unt.edu/graduation-and-diplomas/1000-tuition-rebate or http://www.collegeforalltexans.com/apps/financialaid/tofa2.cfm?ID=447
Have my B-On-Time Loan Application for Forgiveness filled out After filling out the top portion of the application, please email it to Registrar@unt.edu. Your completed application and  official UNT transcript will be sent directly to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Texas B-On-Time Loan Program http://www.hhloans.com/index.cfm?objectid=B00C090D-E45D-4F4B-89DA195959930185
Order a new diploma or academic certificate Complete the order form and email to Registrar.Transcripts@unt.edu. Diplomas are delivered in four to six weeks. Duplicate Diploma/Certificate Order Form https://registrar.unt.edu/graduation-and-diplomas/order-diplomas