Grade Reporting

Grading and Election of Pass, No Pass for Spring 2020 Term

The University of North Texas is committed to the success of our students.  We understand the challenges that many of our students are facing as they continue to successfully complete courses in pursuit of their degrees amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  For the spring 2020 term, the University is implementing an Interim Undergraduate Grading Policy that provides flexibility, on a course-by-course basis, for no risk grading options to meet individual needs and goals.

The Pass/No Pass Option for Undergraduate Students

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS will have the opportunity to elect grades to be posted following the University’s regular A-F grading scheme OR elect Pass or No Pass on their academic record for courses taken during spring 2020.

  • Courses graded with the Pass option will be applicable to degree requirements.
  • The 18-credit hour cap on pass courses will be temporarily suspended.
  • Students earning grades A-C will have these grades posted to their record at the time of grading. A student can elect to change their A-C grades to a Pass after grades post.
  • Students earning a grade of D or F will have a grade of No Pass entered by a faculty member, unless a student notifies his/her instructor otherwise before grading. Students will be able to change the No Pass grade back to a D or F after grades post.
  • Students may make different choices for different classes, choosing to keep some letter grades, and choosing others to remain No Pass or Change to Pass.
  • Letter grades will continue to calculate in a student’s grade point average. Pass and No Pass options do not calculate in grade point averages.
  • The Pass grade option is currently equated to a 2.0 for requisite checking. (Meeting pre and co requisites.)  Advisors have the capability to provide overrides as needed.
  • The deadline for instructors to post grades is Monday, May 11, 2020. Students will have until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 14 to select a change to Pass for letter grades and to change No Pass grades back to a D or F based on the grade earned.

For Students: A Pass grade during the spring 2020 term, like all passing letter grades, will be applicable toward degree requirements. A Non-Pass grade is not applicable toward degree requirements, similar to a letter grade of F, and in some cases, based on degree requirements, similar to a D. See FAQs for how to request elections.

Students not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, receiving Veteran benefits and International students should consult with his/her financial, academic and/or international advisor to understand any implications electing a pass/no pass grade may have for his/her individual circumstances.

For Faculty: Faculty will submit grades through the normal grading process. After grading, grade changes for a letter grade to change to another letter grade, or a grade of NP (No Pass) to change back to D or F will require the official Faculty Change of Grade Form to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. If a student earned a letter grade of D and would like the NP to be converted to Pass, the student must meet with his/her advisor to ensure it meets degree requirements. Once the advisor confirms, the associate dean and/or his/her designee can submit the Faculty Change of Grade Form to the Registrar’s Office. Faculty do not have to submit a Faculty Change of Grade Form for students electing Pass for letter grades of A-C. Students can request this through the Registrar’s Office. See FAQs. Faculty who have questions on spring 2020 grading can email the Registrar's Office at


How do I request a grade change for Spring 2020 with the Pass/No Pass Option

  • Electing to Change a grade of A-C for Spring 2020 to Pass
    • Students must complete the Pass Election form that will be available on this site once grades post on May 11, 2020. Students must submit the form before the end of the day Thursday, May 14.
  • Electing to Change the No Pass Grade back to the D or F for Spring 2020
    • Students should meet with an academic advisor if they would like the grade of NP changed. If a student receives a grade of F, it is in the best interest of the student to keep the grade NP, as NP does not calculate in the grade point average (GPA). A grade of F will lower the GPA. If the student knows his/her grade is a D and that D does NOT meet degree requirements, it may be in the best interest of a student to keep the NP, as NP does not calculate in the GPA and a D will lower the GPA. If a grade of D will meet degree requirements, a student should consult with an academic advisor on the best course of action for him/her.  Upon approval with the advisor, the advisor will work with the associate dean of the student’s college and/or his/her designee to submit the appropriate grade change to the Registrar’s Office.

What if I elected Pass/No Pass by the original deadlines?

If a student elected P/NP by the original deadline, the original Pass No Pass policy will still apply.

Why is a D grade coded as NP unless discussed with the faculty member and academic advisor?

A-C grades meet undergraduate degree requirements. A grade of D does not always meet degree requirements for all programs. Therefore, students should meet with an academic advisor if they would like the grade of NP changed. If the student knows his/her grade is a D and that it will meet degree requirements as certified by the academic advisor, the student can request a grade change of NP back to D or a P. Student should send an email to his/her academic advisor. Upon approval with the advisor and the associate dean (and/or his/her designee) in the student's college, the form will be submitted using the official grade change to the Registrar’s Office.

When are grades due?

All faculty are notified of Faculty Grade Roster availability one week prior to final exams with detailed instructions on how and when to submit student grades electronically via Instructions for submitting student grades electronically can be found at The Records area of the Registrar’s Office coordinates the finalization of final grades submitted electronically by faculty. The deadline for submission of grades is usually the first working day after graduation.

When can students see their final grades?

Final Grades are usually approved two working days after graduation. After grades have been finalized, a student may access grades at

How do I change an incorrectly recorded grade?

For detailed information about addressing incorrectly recorded grades in a student's academic record, please see the Academics section of the UNT Catalog.

Additional Resources

For more information, contact the Registrar's Information Counter by calling 940-565-2111 or visiting Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) Room 147.

For more information about grade reports, students' rights to appeal a grade or addressing incorrectly recorded grades in a student's academic record, please see the Academics section of the UNT Catalog.