UNT's Grading System

UNT's grading system uses the letters A, B, C, D, F, P, NP, I, PR, NPR, and W.

The letter Z is used to indicate that a grade was not properly received and/or recorded for a course.

Note: No grade points are allowed for grades F, I, NP, P, PR, NPR, W, or Z.

A complete record of all previously used grades and grading systems is detailed on the official transcript.

Grade Description

Excellent work.

Four grade points for each semester hour.


Good work.

Three grade points for each semester hour.


Fair work.

Two grade points for each semester hour.


Passing work.

One grade point for each semester hour.



Given when a student:

  • has failed the course while still officially enrolled at the end of the term/semester;
  • is failing a course and misses the final examination without satisfactory explanation; or
  • stops attending class without processing an official drop or withdrawal.


A credit grade:

  • on pass / no pass option,
  • on student teaching, and
  • in selected undergraduate and graduate individual problems, research, thesis and dissertation courses.

Learn more about the Pass / No Pass option.


Not passed.

A failing grade on the pass / no pass option; non-punitive.

Learn more about the Pass / No Pass option.



A non-punitive grade given only during the last one-fourth of a term/semester and only if a student:

  • is passing the course and
  • has justifiable and documented reason, beyond the control of the student (such as serious illness or military service), for not completing the work on schedule.

The student must arrange with the instructor to finish the course at a later date by completing specific requirements. These requirements must be listed on a Request for Grade of Incomplete form signed by the instructor, student and department chair and must be entered on the grade roster by the instructor.

Grades of I assigned to an undergraduate course at the end of the Fall 2007 semester and later will default to F unless the instructor has designated a different automatic grade.

Learn more about Incomplete grades.


Assigned at the close of each semester or summer term in which the graduate student is enrolled in thesis (5950) or dissertation (6950).  No credit hours are shown when the grade of PR is assigned.  When the thesis or dissertation has been completed and submitted to the graduate dean, appropriate grades and credit hours will be shown on the student's record for the required number of enrollments.


Used to indicate no progress on thesis or dissertation courses numbered 5950 and 6950, 6951, 6952, 6953 or 6954 in a given term; non-punitive.


Drop or withdrawal without penalty.

Assigned when a student drops a class or withdraws from the university during published deadlines. Specific dates are published at catalog.unt.edu.

Note: Use of WF grade was discontinued fall 2018.

Additional Resources

For more information on grade reports or the grading system used at UNT, please refer to the Academics section of the UNT Catalog.

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