Diplomas and Certificates

After a degree or academic certificate is awarded, the University will order the ceremonial diploma or certificate on the student's behalf. All degrees and certificates will be sent to the current mailing address on file. For information on updating the mailing address, please go to Update Your Personal Information.

The official diploma will list the following information:

  • Student name
  • Degree
  • Major
  • Honors

The information listed on the diploma must match the official UNT record. Students completing more than one major will have a separate diploma for each major. Minors and concentrations are not listed on the official diploma. Once completed, minors are listed on the official UNT transcript.

Name on Diploma

Students can choose to have their Legal or Chosen name display on their diploma. Students can choose to abbreviate or exclude any of their Legal or Chosen First or Middle names. One First or Middle name or an abbreviation of one must be printed with their Legal last name. Student's last name can only be changed through a legal name change, which requires additional documentation.

For further instructions on how to change your legal or chosen name, or to modify your diploma name, please go to the “Change Your Name” portion of Update Your Personal Information.

Ordering Duplicate Diplomas and Certificates

Duplicate diplomas and academic certificates can be ordered through our office. All Bachelor's and Master's diploma reorders will be in 11 x 14 format and Doctoral diplomas will be in 14 x 17 format. All diplomas, regardless of the year of graduation, will read University of North Texas and have current administrators' signatures. Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Certificates are in a 9 x 12 format.

If you want your diploma name to be different from your Legal Name in our system, please read the above paragraph “Name on Diploma”.

Duplicate Diploma/Certificate Order Form

Notarization - If you need your diploma notarized, please request for it to be notarized please indicate this by choosing yes in the notarization area at the bottom of the order form.  It will take longer as the diploma will be mailed to UNT first to be notarized and then will be mailed to the address on the order form.

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