The Student Academic Records area of the Registrar's Office handles all matters related to a student's permanent record at the University of North Texas. This includes official grades, original admissions documentation, grade changes, incomplete grade removals and the posting of transfer credit. In addition a student makes official record changes such as name and social security/student number changes in Student Academic Records.

Student Records/Academic Status

Records personnel assist students in filing course duplications, computing grade point averages, removing incomplete (*I*) grades, and posting transfer credit on continuing students. Counseling is provided in regard to a student's academic status including good standing, probation, and suspension. Students may inspect their permanent records with proper identification during academic status counseling.

Academic standards

Students must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average, referred to as the minimum UNT-CGPA requirement, to remain in good academic standing. At the end of the first term of enrollment at UNT, the minimum UNT-CGPA requirement is 1.8. In each subsequent term of enrollment, the minimum UNT-CGPA requirement is 2.0. Learn more about the UNT academic standard.

Course duplications

A student may take a course a second or subsequent time. The Registrar’s Office will post duplications at the request of the student, at the request of an academic advisor or upon review of the student’s record. Once a duplication of a UNT course is posted by the Registrar’s Office, the first instance of the UNT course will be excluded from the student’s UNT-CGPA, cumulative record of hours attempted and grade points earned. Undergraduate students who enroll in the same course more than twice may be charged additional tuition amounts. Learn more about course duplications

Transfer Credit

UNT makes transferring your credits easy. Choose the right resource to plan your transfer to UNT.

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