Eligibility and Applying for Degree Conferral

Students are eligible to apply for degree conferral when their degree audit states “all requirements satisfied (with or without in progress courses)” and they are in good academic standing with UNT (minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA) or will be by the end of the term.

Students otherwise eligible for degree conferral who complete their final course or courses elsewhere will not graduate at the end of the term/semester or summer session/term in which the work is completed due to the time required for obtaining and processing transcripts. These students will have their degrees conferred at the close of a subsequent UNT term/semester.

Application Instructions

All students must apply for degree conferral by the term deadline for their degree to be conferred. Students apply through myUNT under Academic Records when the semester conferral application period begins. See deadlines by semester in the table below.

Commencement Participation

Students approved for degree conferral will be invited to participate in Commencement and will receive direct participation communications to their UNT student email, including RSVP instructions.

To ensure that you receive these instructions, please add commencement@unt.edu, info@commencement.unt.edu, and noreply@marchingorder.com to your safe senders. Instructions to add to your safe senders can be found on Microsoft Support. Students must RSVP by the deadline to participate in the ceremony (see deadlines in the table below).

What is Degree Conferral and what is Commencement?

Degree Conferral (graduation) and Commencement are two distinct student milestones that occur as a student is completing their degree.

Degree Conferral occurs when the student has successfully completed all degree requirements (this includes grades for current work, posting of any transfer work, completion of non-coursework requirements, etc) and the University officially records the completed degree on the student record (transcript).

Commencement is often referred to as "graduation," but it is different. The commencement ceremony is just that, a ceremony. It is a celebration for students projected to successfully complete all degree requirements by the end of a term.

Approval to participate in commencement does not indicate that a degree is complete and will be conferred as current term courses are still in progress when applications are approved.

What to Expect After You've Applied

Emails about application status are sent during the middle and end of the semester of application. If your application is approved, an email will be sent with graduation information, final requirements, and additional notes. Please make sure to check your UNT student email for updates.

Master and doctoral conferral applications are processed through Toulouse Graduate School, 940-565-2383.

A diploma will be ordered on the student's behalf and mailed to the student's “mailing” address type. Update your mailing address at the end of the semester to ensure receipt of your diploma.

All Spring 2024 Diplomas will have a conferral date of May 11, 2024.

It takes 2-4 weeks after the conferral date to award all degrees and 6-8 weeks after that to print and ship diplomas.


Important Deadlines

Spring 2024 Graduates
Application Available October 2, 2023
Deadline to Apply February 22, 2024
Deadline to RSVP to Commencement April 12, 2024
Summer 2024 Graduates
Application Available October 2, 2023
Deadline to Apply June 28, 2024
Fall 2024 Graduates
Application Available March 18, 2024
Undergraduate Deadline to Apply September 20, 2024
Graduate Deadline to Apply September 27, 2024

Withdraw Graduation Application

Students who applied for conferral/graduation and no longer wish to confer this term or applied in error, may request their application(s) be withdrawn. Once an application is withdrawn, students must re-apply for conferral through myUNT.

To Withdraw:

Withhold Directory Information

If you have previously requested that the Registrar's Office “Withhold Directory Information” concerning your academic records we will not be able to verify your degree to potential employers. If you no longer want directory information withheld, please see How to Request the Release of Directory Information.

First Bachelors:

  • $1,000 Tuition Rebate: Form must be received prior to the end of the graduating semester.
  • Graduation with Honors: Latin Honors will be printed on eligible diplomas.
  • Eagle Express: Students participating in the Eagle Express Tuition Plan are encouraged to apply for graduation as soon as possible. Eligible students will receive the incentive automatically after applying to graduate and registering for their final term of enrollment. For more information, please visit eagleexpress.unt.edu or call 940-565-3225.

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