Pre-Finals Days

So that students can more adequately prepare for their final examinations, the University of North Texas (UNT) sets aside days preceding final examinations during which no new material may be disseminated and extracurricular and organizational activities are suspended. “Pre-Finals Days” refer to the two calendar days preceding the Reading Day of each fall and spring semester. The dates will be established as part of the final examination schedule.

During pre-finals days:

  • No new curricular content will be disseminated
  • Student organizations do not meet
  • No extracurricular activities will be required

Compressed or irregularly scheduled classes, and classes that meet only once per week on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays are exempted from this requirement.  Any deviation from these requirements must be approved in advance by the appropriate dean or director.

Reading Day

Reading Day is the Friday of the week immediately preceding final exams each fall and spring semester. No classes are held on this day.

Final Exam Scheduling

Faculty members are required to administer final exams at the designated times during the exam week of each long semester and during the specified day of each summer term if a final examination for the course is required. Any deviation from the published schedule must be approved in advance by the appropriate academic dean.

Rescheduling a Final Exam

Students who have more than two final examinations scheduled on one day may request to reschedule one of the examinations on another day during the final examination period as follows:

  • Students may request to reschedule their final exam with their respective faculty member. This request must be made in writing to the instructor of record for the course in which the examination is scheduled. This request must be made by the last regularly scheduled class meeting before pre-finals days.
  • The request should identify the course name as well as the date and time each final is scheduled; and offer a time when the student is available to take the exam. Instructors of record may, but are not required to, reschedule an examination on the date requested by the student.
  • Should none of the faculty members agree to reschedule an examination, students may appeal to the Dean or the Dean's designee of their respective major. The decision of the Dean (or the Dean's designee) is final.

Extraordinary Events Affecting Final Examinations.

In the event of extraordinary situations that impact the functioning of the entire university, the final examination schedule may be modified. In such cases, pronouncements by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding rescheduling of examinations will supersede the published schedule for final examinations. Department Chairs may engage faculty directly about correcting grades of “incomplete” that result from extraordinary circumstances.

Additional Resources

This policy was revised and is effective the Spring 2016 semester.

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