Degree Audit


Transferology (formerly is our web-based front-end for transfer articulation, aimed primarily as prospective students. It allows users to review transfer course articulation, as well as to see how their transfer course may match against UNT degree programs (basic what-if degree audits).

In the upgrade to Transferology, the vendor split the functionality between the Student area and the Advisor/Faculty/Staff area. For each, please go to the following links:

  • Transferology - the main version, intended for students but available for anyone.
    • Transferology is driven by the user entering their courses up-front (it is a mandatory first step), which means that to use the Student version for articulation searching you would need to first enter the courses in your record.
  • TransferologyLab - the Advisor/Faculty/Staff version. You must have an approved account for this system - if you do not have an active account, you can request an account here. Only current UNT employees will be granted access.
    • TransferologyLab allows for freeform searching of transfer articulations, as well as certain other features depending on how your role is defined. However, you cannot run a what-if audit against courses in the Lab - this is reserved for the student version (Transferology).

Note that in both versions (Transferology and TransferologyLab), you must have a user account. There no Guest access in the current version.

Request Degree Audit Access

Print, complete, and return one of the following security access forms to the Degree Audit Coordinator, in the Registrar’s Office, ESSC, Rm. 212.

Upcoming Degree Audit Training Sessions

To sign up for a session, please email Sabina HernandezPlease sign up at least one week in advance so you will have enough time to review the documentation that we will send you prior to the training session.

  • u.achieve New Advisor Training: Tuesday, October 3, 2017, from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • u.achieve New Advisor Training: Friday, November 3, 2017, from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Additional Resources

The following resources are available on the Degree Audit SharePoint site:

  • Complete List of Minors in u.achieve
  • Guide to Numeric Core Pseudocourses

Degree Audit Contact Information

David Meek, Degree Audit Systems Manager
Office Location: ESSC, Room 212
Phone #: (940) 565-3229
E-mail Address:

Billi J. Gravely, Assistant Registrar for Academic Support
Office Location: ESSC, Room 207
Phone #: (940) 369-7841
E-mail Address:

Sabina Hernandez, Degree Audit Systems Coordinator
Office Location: ESSC, Room 205
Phone #: (940) 369-5384
E-mail Address:

James Jackson, Degree Audit Systems Analyst
Office Location: ESSC, Room 206
Phone #: (940) 369-5385
E-mail Address:

Andrew Mount, Degree Audit Systems Analyst
Office Location: ESSC, Room 206
E-mail Address: