Degree Audit

Request Degree Audit Access

To request uAchieve access, please complete an Enrollment Systems Security Request through ServiceNow.

To request an install of the uAchieve client on your machine, you'll need to reach out to your College/Departmental network support team. For SelfService users only needing to view online audits, the uAchieve client is not required.

Degree Audit Training Sessions

Presently, training sessions are available by request via Teams. To schedule a session, please email Trenton Jefferson. Please sign up at least one week in advance so you will have enough time to review the documentation that we will send you prior to the training session.

Additional Resources

The following resources are available on the Degree Audit SharePoint site:

  • uAchieve User's Guide
  • Contact List for uAchieve Related Issues
  • Complete List of Minors in uAchieve
  • Guide to Numeric Core Pseudocourses
  • Balancing Totals in EIS and uAchieve

Degree Audit Contact Information

Trenton Jefferson, Degree Audit Systems Analyst
Office Location: ESSC, Room 206
Phone #: (940) 369-5385