(Chapter 13, Subchapter F, Section 13.91-13.98)

The University of North Texas notifies all first-time freshman students of the tuition rebate program through notice in the university catalog and in its graduation materials. When requested by potentially eligible students who have early registered and meet all course requirements, UNT will provide these students opportunities to enroll during each fall and spring semester in the equivalent of at least 12-semester credit hours that apply toward their degrees. UNT is not required to provide students with the opportunity to enroll in specific courses or special sections. In addition, UNT will provide all students with appropriate forms and instruction for requesting a tuition rebate.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • When did you start college after High School graduation?
    • First college course after high school graduation must be taken in fall 1997 or later
    • First time in college between Fall 1997 through Summer 2005 does not have a time limit for graduation
    • First time in college Fall 2005 or later must graduate within four calendar years.  (within five calendar years for an engineering degree)
  • Residency:  Student must have been a Texas resident at all times while pursuing the degree
  • Student must have been entitled to pay in-state tuition at all times while pursuing the degree 
  • This is for a first baccalaureate degree.
  • Student has attempted no more than three semester credit hours in excess of the minimum number of hours required for their degree.
    • Hours attempted include
      • Every course for which the student has registered, as of the official Census Date, in every semester, including repeated courses and courses from which the student withdraws (dropped courses as well as withdrawal from the college or university)
      • Transfer credits from a private college, out-of-state college or Texas college
      • Course credit earned exclusively by examination in excess of nine semester credit hours  
      • Courses dropped after the official census date
      • Optional internship and cooperative education courses
      • Repeated courses
    • Dual credit courses taken in high school for both high school and college credit are not included in hours attempted
  • Must turn in the $1000 Tuition Rebate Form during the semester degree requirements will be completed and prior to graduation

UNT will remit rebates for eligible students within 60 days after graduation. If a student is found to be ineligible for a rebate a statement explaining why the student is ineligible will be sent. UNT will provide a dispute resolution process to resolve disputes related to local administration of the program and reserves the right to adopt rules and regulations for administering the program. If you wish to appeal the decision due to illness, debilitating condition, or performance of active military service, please email with the reason for the appeal and any supporting documentation you want to share.

For detailed rules on administration of the $1000 rebate please see the application form.

Tuition Rebate Application Form

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