As you continue to register and/or review your schedule of classes, please refer to the following guide concerning the delivery of instruction and reading the list of course offerings:

There are several ways in which instruction is delivered:

  • Face-to-Face: Class is offered primarily in-person on campus. There may also be some online participation.
  • Internet: 100% online. There are no on-site meetings. There may be set times for online participation.
    • INET Synchronous - the course has one or more mandatory online synchronous participation time(s) during the term. Required time(s) will be displayed with the course as shown in the example below.
    • INET Asynchronous - the course has no mandatory online synchronous participation time(s).
  • Hybrid: Instruction will be delivered 50% or more online. The remaining instruction is delivered in-person on campus.

Finding the details for individual class sections:

Step 1: Go to myUNT

  • Begin your Search for Classes within myUNT - this will provide you with the most detailed information.
    • Click the Enrollment Tile
    • Click on Class Search and Enroll
  • For detailed information on a Class
    • Click on the exact Class Section
    • Click on Meeting Information, Enrollment Information and Class Details (which will include specific notes for that class.)
Delivery Instructional
Campus Day/Time (Read in combination with Room Room
Internet 100% Online Web-based Texas None unless a set day/time is listed UNT Internet Course
Face to Face Primarily Face-to-Face Original campus affiliation A set day/time is listed Room listed - attend onsite
Hybrid Online and Face-to-Face Original campus affiliation A set day/time is listed - meets online or on campus that day/time Room listed - attend onsite


For Internet - Fully Online
  • Days and Times will be listed as None unless a set day/time is listed
    • Synchronous - shows day/time
    • Asynchronous - NO day/time listed
  • Room: UNT Internet Course
  • Location: Internet Course - Texas
  • Campus: Will remain the campus the course originates from regardless of delivery method.
Sample image Internet Course - Synchronous

Synchronous Class Search and Enroll screen

Synchronous Class Information screen

Sample image Internet Course - Asynchronous

Asynchronous Class Search and Enroll screen

Asynchronous Class Information screen

For Face-to-Face and Hybrid

Note: Days and Times and Room Information must be read together

  • If a day/time is listed and a room is listed, students must attend class on campus.
  • In Class Details: Instruction Mode is listed as Face to Face for on campus instruction and Hybrid for a mix of on campus and online instruction.
  • Location: Will remain the campus the course originates from regardless of delivery method.
  • Campus: Will remain the campus the course originates from regardless of delivery method.

Class Information for Face-to-Face classes

Meeting Information for Class

Class Details for Face-to-Face Classes


Hybrid Class Information

Hybrid Meeting Information

Hybrid Class Details

More detailed instructions on using myUNT to Search for Classes and to Register can be found in the myUNT Enrollment Guide.

Using Visual Schedule Builder to Build or Adjust your Ideal Schedule

Note: Visual scheduled builder is a tool to help you build or adjust your schedule with limited information appearing from the myUNT Search of Classes. Always confirm course section information in myUNT.

Examples of Internet and Face-to-Face in Visual Schedule Builder:

Internet Visual Schedule Builder

Face-to-Face Class Visual Schedule Builder

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