Buy Textbooks

Textbook Selection

Faculty choose the textbooks each semester. A textbook request along with the number of students expected in the class is given to the UNT Bookstore.

The UNT Bookstore stocks all books required by the academic departments. Texts are shelved numerically by course number and section number. Make sure you have the correct information to avoid purchasing unnecessary or incorrect books.

Used textbooks are stocked for all courses if available. You will generally save 25 percent by buying used books.

Textbook Refunds

There is a limited time each semester for textbook returns. A book must be purchased and returned within that time to receive a refund. Specific refund dates for each semester are posted in the textbook department. Generally the refund period begins the first day after the previous semester buyback and extends through the first 15 calendar days of class. For summer sessions, the period will end on the seventh calendar day of class.

To receive a refund, you must have your receipt to show proof of purchase and to verify purchase date. It is your responsibility to keep your receipt.

The book must be in reasonable condition or new books cannot have any writing, marks, bent corners, etc. And the price tag must be left on the book.

Stolen Textbooks

Unfortunately, books are often stolen and used by someone else or sold at buy back. When you are sure you will not be refunding your book put an identifying mark in the book - either your name or student ID number on several pages. This will help in identifying your book if it is stolen.

If your book is stolen, contact the UNT Bookstore and the University Police immediately. If you can identify your book, there is a good chance that it may be recovered.

Textbook Buyback

The UNT Bookstore will buy textbooks every day it is open. Books the faculty have chosen for the next semester(s) will be purchased by the bookstore at half of the new price (whether you bought it new or used) while the bookstore has a need for the books. The book must be in satisfactory condition. Books that have a national market value will be purchased at that rate even if they are not used at UNT again.

Additional Resources

For more information, contact the Registrar's Information Counter by calling 940-565-2111 or visiting Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) Room 147.