Fall 2020 Registration Guide

For Fall 2020 – Students should review class information using MyUNT. As the fall 2020 transition of instruction delivery is finalized, details for each course section can be found in the Search of Classes through MyUNT by simply clicking on that section. There you will find tabs for details, meeting information and section notes. This is where you will see specific information on how a course will be taught. We hope to finalize delivery modes, with as many opportunities for in-person instruction as safety allows, by mid-July.

Instruction and Section Information

Please note, registration through myUNT will be unavailable from the payment cancelation deadline through 11:59pm for processing. Registration will reopen at midnight.

Bill Distribution/Payment Arrangements: Pay fees through EIS online self-service atmy.unt.edu or go to the Eagle Student Services Center for schedule/bill print.

Schedule of Classes information is available online. Departments may begin advising and issuing advising clearance forms for the Fall semester.

Now Available: Visual Schedule Builder A tool designed to assist students in planning their academic schedule. Visual Schedule Builder allows students to graphically view schedule options based on the courses and offering times that works best for them. For additional information please read the help documentation.

Click here for information for the Fall semester 8 Week Sessions.

Fall Registration Schedule Summary

Registration Period Who is Eligible Registration Begins Registration Ends Payment Deadline
Late Registration Students who have not registered

$75 late fee is charged

Friday, August 21

August 28th,
5:30 p.m.

August 28, 6:00 p.m
Add/Drop Students who have registered and completed fee payment Regular/8W1

Friday, August 21 Last day to add a Fall class is August 28 at 5:30 p.m.

August 28, 5:30 p.m.

August 28, 6:00 p.m.

Fall 2020 Important Dates

AUG.24—DEC. 11
8 Week I
AUG. 24– OCT. 16
8 Week II
Oct 19—DEC. 11
Schedule of Classes Available on MYUNT Mar. 2 Mar. 2 Mar. 2
Registration Opens Mar. 16 Mar. 16 Mar. 16
Regular Registration Ends
Registration closes at 5:30pm. Tuition and fees due by 6:00 p.m.
Aug. 20 Aug. 20 Oct. 14
Late Registration Begins—For Students not Registered for the Term
Students registering late will incur a late registration fee of $75
Tuition and Fees Due by 6 p.m. August 28
Aug. 21-28 Aug. 21-28 N/A
Last Day to Withdrawal from Entire Term through MYUNT

Courses do not appear on the transcript. Eligible for a 100% refund.
After this date see Dean of Students to withdrawal from the entire term.
Aug. 23 Aug. 23 Oct. 18
If only 8 week II
Classes Begin
Aug. 24 Aug. 24 Oct. 19
Last Day to Add a Class Section
Registered & Tuition and Fees Paid by 6 p.m.
Aug. 28 Aug. 28 Oct. 19
Census—Official Enrollment Determined

Last day to drop a course section to no longer appear on the official transcript and to receive a full refund for the course section.

(Dropping courses may impact financial aid and degree completion. See advisors.)
Sept. 5 Aug. 31 Oct. 26
Drop with a Grade of W Begins

Beginning this date students can drop a course with a grade of W.
The course appears on the transcript with a grade of W and tuitions fees remain.

(Dropping courses may impact financial aid and degree completion. See advisors.)
Sept. 6 Sept. 1 Oct. 27
Labor Day—No Classes—University Closed Sept. 7 Sept. 7 Sept. 7
Last day to change to pass/no pass grade option (undergrads) Oct. 2 Sept. 11 Nov. 6
Midpoint of the Semester Oct 16 Sept. 18 Nov. 13
Last day for a student to drop a course or all courses with a grade of W Nov. 13 Oct. 9 Dec. 4
First day to request a grade of Incomplete Nov. 16 Oct. 9 Dec. 4
Thanksgiving Break (no classes, University closed) Nov. 26-27 Nov. 26-27 Nov. 26-27
Pre-Finals Days Dec. 2-3 NA NA
Last Regular Class Meeting Dec. 3 Oct. 15 Dec. 10
Reading Day—No Classes Dec. 4 NA Dec. 4
Final Exams Dec. 5-11 Oct. 16 Dec. 11
Last Day of Term Dec. 11 Oct 16 Dec. 11
University Grade Submission Deadline 4 pm Dec. 14 Oct. 19 Dec. 14
Grades/Academic Standing posted on the Official Transcript Dec. 16 Dec. 16 Dec. 16

Additional Resources

For more information, contact the Registrar's Information Counter by calling 940-565-2111 or visiting Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) Room 147.

For instructions on using the EIS Student Center for Registration, please visit My Help for Students.