Advising is available prior to and during registration for continuing students. You should contact the office of your advisor and schedule an appointment one to two weeks prior to your scheduled registration time. It is strongly recommended that all students see their advisors prior to the beginning of registration. Advisors provide the following:

  • Help with course selection
  • Graduation checks
  • Degree audits
  • Referrals to campus resources

For more information, visit Advising.

Advising is mandatory for ALL students on academic probation. If you are on academic probation, or if the department of your major requires that you be advised before you register, then the registration system will ask that you enter an advising code before you will be allowed to schedule classes.

Advising procedures vary by college. Contact your advising office for more information. Call at least one week ahead of your registration date to schedule your appointment.

Graduate students must comply with departmental requirements for advising. Contact the advising office of your major for specific instructions. Check Toulouse Graduate School for more information.

Orientation and Advising for New Undergraduate Students

All new undergraduate students must attend orientation and are required to have an advising code in order to register.

For more information about new student orientation, visit Student Affairs or contact the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs at 940-565-4198 or 940-369-8397.

Advising Locations

College/School Location Phone Number
College of Business BLB 110 (940) 565-2110
College of Education MATT 105 (940) 565-2736
College of Engineering NTDP C104 (940) 565-4201
College of Information NTDP C232 (940) 565-2445
College of Liberal Arts and Social Science GAB 220 (940) 565-2051
College of Music CHIL 211 (940) 565-3860
College of Health and Public Service CHIL 289 (940) 565-4115
College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism CHIL 385 (940) 565-4635
College of Science HKRY 283 (940) 369-8606
College of Visual Arts and Design ART 232 (940) 565-2216
Honors College SAGE 257 (940) 565-3305
Mayborn School of Journalism GAB 107 (940) 565-3365
College of Applied & Collaborative Studies SAGE 394 (940) 369-8129
College of Applied & Collaborative Studies (Frisco) FRSC 136 (972) 668-8115

Course Permission Numbers

If you are registering for restricted courses, special problems, internships, or any course with variable credit, you must obtain the course permission number prior to registering for those courses.

In addition, your course selection may be restricted either due to state or university policy or departmental advising. Check with the department of your major to find out if there are any restrictions on your enrollment.

Federation Course Registration

UNT students wishing to enroll in graduate courses at Texas A&M University--Commerce or Texas Woman's University under the cooperative enrollment program of the Federation of North Texas Area Universities should first secure approval, and in some departments an approval form, from their major advisor for the specific courses. The course title appearing on the UNT academic transcript will be identical to that of the course as offered by the other institution. Class schedules for both TAMU-C and TWU are available online. Students can find more information, as well as the form to enroll in a Federation course, on the UNT Federation website or by contacting the UNT Federation Representative at or 940-565-4600.

Special Notice to Graduate Students

You may have been provisionally admitted during the current semester without the required standardized test (such as the GRE). However, you will not be allowed to register for future semesters unless you have a satisfactory test score on file in the Toulouse Graduate School. Only official score reports from the Educational Testing Service are acceptable.

Additional Resources

For instructions on using the EIS Student Center for Registration, please go to the Help for Students page.

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