Summer Academic Calendar & Registration Guide

Summer 2022 Calendar

To print a copy for your records click here.


Key Semester Dates Summer Session May 16-August 12 3 Week 1 Session May 16-June 3 8 Week 1 Session May 16-July 8 5 Week 1 Session June 6-July 8 10 Week Session June 6-August 12 8 Week 2 Session June 6-July 29 5 Week 2 Session July 11- August 12
Schedule of Classes Available on myUNT March 7 March 7 March 7 March 7 March 7 March 7 March 7
Registration Opens
for specifics by student group/class: See registration guide at
March 21 March 21 March 21 March 21 March 21 March 21 March 21
Regular Registration Ends
Registration closes at 4:30 pm and Tuition and Fees due by 5:00 pm. See Student Accounting for payment deadlines.
May 13 May 13 May 13 June 3 June 3 June 3 July 8
Late Registration Begins - For Students not Registered for the Term
Students registering late will incur a late registration fee of $75. See Student Accounting for payment deadlines.
May 14 May 14 May 14 June 4 June 4 June 4 July 9
Last Day to Withdraw from Entire Term on myUNT
Courses do not appear on the transcript. Eligible for 100% refund. After this date see Dean of Students to withdraw from the entire term.
May 15 May 15 May 15 June 5 June 5 June 5 July 10
Classes Begin May 16 May 16 May 16 June 6 June 6 June 6 July 11
Last Day to Add a Class Section
See Student Accounting for payment deadlines.
May 20 May 16 May 20 June 8 June 10 June 10 July13
Census - Official Enrollment Determined
Last day to drop a course section to no longer appear on the official transcript and to receive a full refund for the course section. (Dropping courses may impact financial aid and degree completion. See advisors.)
June 1 May 17 May 23 June 9 June 21 June 13 July 14
Drop with a Grade of W Begins
Beginning this date students can drop a course with a grade of W. The course appears on the transcript with a grade of W and tuitions fees remain. (Dropping courses may impact financial aid and degree completion. See advisors.)
June 2 May 18 May 24 June10 June 22 June 14 July 15
Last day to change to pass/no pass grade option (undergrads) June 24 May 20 June 3 June 17 July 1 June 24 July 22
Midpoint of the semester June 29 May 25 June 10 June 22 July 8 July 1 July 27
Last day for a student to drop a course or all courses
with a grade of W
July 21 May 31 June 24 June 30 July 27 July 15 Aug 4
First day to request a grade of Incomplete July 22 June 1 June 25 July 1 July 28 July 16 Aug 5
Pre-Finals Days NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Last Regular Class Meeting August 11 June 2 July 7 July 7 August 11 July 28 August 11
Reading Day - No Classes NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Final Exams August 12 June 3 July 8 July 8 August 12 July 29 August 12
Last Day Term August 12 June 3 July 8 July 8 August 12 July 29 August 12
University Grade Submission Deadline 4pm August 15 June 6 July 11 July 11 August 15 August 15 August 15
Grades/Academic Standing posted on the Official Transcript. August 17 August 17 August 17 August 17 August 17 August 17 August 17

Summer 2022 Holidays

Memorial Day- No Classes- University Closed May 30, 2022
Juneteenth Observance-No Classes  June 17, 2022
Independence Day- No Classes- University Closed  July 4, 2022

Summer 2022 Registration Guide

The Summer semester consists of seven sessions included within one term. Summer sessions are grouped around three common beginning dates that fall within three common registration periods, payment deadlines, and grade reporting periods.

Step 1: Go to myUNT and to review any Tasks you may have that need to be addressed prior to Registering for Classes.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor as needed.

Students should contact the department of their major for specific information related to advising and registration.

Step 3: Go to myUNT Search for Classes - to review the Schedule of Classes and plan your academic schedule. The schedule of classes on myUNT provides specific details on each course related to meeting patterns and notes from the instructor.

A public online class search is available here.

When Can I Register? 

Registration dates are based on a priority schedule determined by classification (i.e.- Graduate student, Honors, Senior, Junior, etc.). For registration dates please click here

Instruction and Section Information

For instructions on using the myUNT Student Center for Registration, please visit Student Center Help.

Note: To graphically view your schedule and plan various options use the Visual Schedule Builder tool. For additional information on using Visual Schedule Builder: see help documentation.

All new undergraduate students must attend orientation before they may register. For information, see or contact the Office of New Student Programs at 940-565-4198.

Payment and Financial Information:

Fees must be paid by the deadlines stated in the above Academic Calendar or your registration request may be cancelled, meaning you will no longer be registered.

Bills will not be mailed for the Summer semester, so make sure to review your account balance information myUNT once you complete registration.

Go to the myUNT Student Center to view your bill.

For information about making payments, please visit

Registration through myUNT will be unavailable from the payment cancellation deadline through 11:59 pm for processing. Registration will reopen a midnight. For information about making payments, please visit

For information about Financial Aid and Scholarships, visit

Dropping Classes and Withdrawing from the Term

See important information about dropping classes or withdrawing from the university.

Dropping classes or failing to complete and pass registered hours may make you ineligible for financial aid. You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to maintain eligibility for financial aid as defined by the UNT Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. See more information on UNT's SAP policies.

In addition, if you drop below half-time enrollment you may be required to begin paying back your student loans. Please contact financial aid directly as your situation may vary.

Additional Resources

As always, the Registrar’s Office is ready to assist you! All transactions can be done via self-serve except for documents requiring authentication. Information can be found on our Services tab. If you have a specific need, we offer phone and Zoom and in-person appointments Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

Avoid Lines: Make virtual and in-person appointments now at: Registrar Office Appointments



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