Students can utilize the waitlist feature as a placeholder for courses which have no open seats available.

Get Added to a Waitlist

  1. Verify the class has a waitlist (indicated by a yellow triangle over the class status).
  2. When registering for a class which does not have any available seats, the student will be prompted to join the waitlist.
  3. Select “waitlist if class is full”
  4. As seats become available, the student will be automatically enrolled, notified via campus email, and their tuition bill updated.


Reason's a student may not be automatically enrolled from a waitlist:

  • The waitlist capacity has been met.
  • Prerequisites have not been met.
  • A hold exists on the student's account.
  • A scheduling conflict exists with an enrolled course.
  • The student is already enrolled in the course or is already on the waitlist.
  • Adding the waitlisted course would result in the course load exceeding the limit.

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