Incoming freshmen, or any undergraduate in good standing with a "C" average or better on all work attempted in residence at UNT, may schedule one course a semester on the pass/no pass option. Seniors may elect more than one pass/no pass course during their final semester.

A maximum of 18 semester hours of credit under the pass/no pass option may be applied toward the bachelor's degree. Only courses counted as electives on the student's degree plan may be scheduled under the pass/no pass option. These hours are not used in calculating the grade point average, but count as full credit.

Instructors are not told which students are enrolled pass/no pass, and all students are graded alike. A grade of "D" or better will be shown as a "P." If the course is not passed, the record will show "NP" and the hours attempted will not be used in calculating the grade point average.

A student may change to the pass/no pass option in the office of their academic dean/advisor any time before the end of the sixth week of class, or the corresponding point of a summer session, provided eligibility requirements above are met.

Courses taken under the regular grading system may not be repeated as pass/no pass courses unless a grade of "W" was previously received.

A student who changes majors is not automatically denied credit for a pass/no pass course that becomes a degree plan requirement for the new major. That decision is made by the academic dean. However, under no circumstances is a grade of "P" changed to a letter grade.

Transfer students have the same pass/no pass privileges and restrictions, but they must pass 30 semester hours of regularly graded courses at UNT to be eligible for graduation.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may enroll under the pass/no pass option only for undergraduate courses which are not required as a deficiency makeup or as a graduate degree requirement.

Courses Automatically Graded Pass/No Pass

Certain graduate-level individual instruction courses will be graded pass/no pass when classes are taught on campus and in those departments whose faculty have voted for the use of this grading system for individual instruction.

Certain undergraduate and graduate courses will be graded pass/no pass. These courses include but are not limited to, student teaching, internship, practicum, individual research, basic reading and writing.

Consult the appropriate academic department for further details concerning automatically graded pass/no pass courses.

For PNP deadlines, please refer to the Academic Calendar found here:

Additional Resources

For more information about Pass/No Pass, please see the Academics section of the UNT Catalog.

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