Concurrent Enrollment

A student who wishes to enroll concurrently in another college or university must have written permission from his/her UNT academic dean/advisor. Transfer credit may be denied if this approval is not obtained in advance.

Students otherwise eligible for graduation who complete their final course or courses elsewhere will not graduate at the end of the term/semester or summer session/term in which the work is completed because of the time required for obtaining transcripts. These students will have their degrees conferred at the close of a subsequent UNT term/semester.

To view detailed information about UNT's concurrent enrollment policy and its impact on conferral, please see the Application for Graduation section of the UNT Catalog.

UNT and UNT Dallas Dual Enrollment

Beginning Fall 2015, UNT Dallas will begin operating independently from the UNT flagship. This independent operation and separation includes student enrollment, credit transfers, diplomas and transcripts.

Students who wish to enroll in classes at UNT and UNT Dallas at the same time can participate in the UNT - UNT Dallas Affiliate Program, effective Fall 2015. The Affiliate Program is a partnership between UNT and UNT Dallas that allows students the opportunity to take courses at the location most convenient for them.

Additional Resources

For instructions on using the EIS Student Center for Registration, please go to the Help for Students page.

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