The following information is for new, former, and continuing Students.

Admissions Contact

If you are a new student who has never attended classes at the University of North Texas, and feel your residency status is incorrect, please contact the Office of Admissions, located on the 3rd floor of the Eagle Student Services Center, 940-565-2681.

Things to Remember

There must be conclusive evidence of the student's intent to permanently establish his/her domicile in Texas. Domicile meaning to live and maintain gainful employment in the State of Texas. A person wishing to change their residency status must show that they have domiciled in the state of Texas for 12 months or more prior to the semester in which they are applying. An individual whose initial purpose for moving to Texas is to attend an institution of higher education as a full-time student will be presumed not to have the required intent to make Texas his or her domicile; however, the presumption may be overruled by clear and convincing evidence.

It is the student's responsibility to determine if the guidelines are in effect when applying for residency.


In order to update a student's residency status for a semester, students must meet all requirements, submit the Core Residency Questions and submit all necessary supporting documentation prior to the official census date of the semester for which they are applying. Meeting residency requirements after a census date will result in residency reclassification being considered for a future semester.


A person who has enrolled in an institution of higher education prior to domiciling in the state for 12 months and who has been classified as a non-resident upon first enrollment in an institution of higher education is presumed to be a non-resident for the period during which he/she continues as a student.

However, after residing in the state for 12 consecutive months, the student may apply for reclassification as a resident for tuition purposes provided unequivocal proof of establishment of domicile in Texas can be provided. Materials to the determination of the establishment of a domicile in Texas are: business or personal facts or actions unequivocally indicative of a fixed intention to reside permanently in the state (see Part A - “Documentation to Support Domicile and Residency.pdf” below). The student must complete a set of Core Residency Questions and provide supporting documentation. Any Core Residency Questions that are submitted without sufficient documentation is subject to denial.

Documentation to Support Domicile and Residency

Applying for Residency

Students who are classified as a “non-resident" must pay the out-of-state tuition rates prior to establishing Texas residency. Students can apply for residency based on one of the following:

For more information regarding Texas residency rules, please see the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Rules.

To begin the process of applying for Residency Reclassification, submit an Ask Now question through the Scrappy Says website. A Residency Counselor will follow up with you on next steps in the process.

It is the student's responsibility to determine if the above guidelines are in effect when applying for residency.

Oklahoma Resident Tuition Rate

The University of North Texas includes a tuition rate for residents of Oklahoma that is about half the cost of out-of-state tuition. For more information, please go to the Oklahoma Tuition website.

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