How to Register

For Spring/Winter 2021 – Students should review class information using MyUNT.  Details for each course section can be found in the Search of Classes through MyUNT by simply clicking on that section.  There you will find tabs for details, meeting information and section notes.  This is where you will see specific information on how a course will be taught.  

Instruction and Section Information

Register at myUNT

For step-by-step instructions on how to use MyUNT to register, see the Enrollment Guide website.

For instructions on how to use Visual Schedule Builder to search for and add classes to your MyUNT shopping cart, see Visual Schedule Builder helpful tips.

All students can register for classes online using MyUNT.

Additional Resources

For instructions on using MyUNT for Registration, please visit the Student Homepage.

Go to Scrappy Says website.

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