A printable (PDF) version of this documentation is also available: Your Online Degree Audit.

Both the online degree audit (HTML) and printable degree audit (PDF) show your name and the degree and major at the top of the degree audit. Next, you’ll see when the audit was run (Prepared On), the program code, the catalog year, and your UNT student ID number.

Degree Audit Results Heading Information

The program code is a shorthand name for the college, degree, and major. When running a declared program, the Degree Program column displays the program code. When viewing a previously run audit, the program code is displayed to help distinguish between different audits.

Regardless of the format of the audit (HTML or PDF), there will be graphs at the top of the Audit Results tab and information about the courses used on your audit on the Course History tab. For information about the graphs and Course History tab, go to Read Your Audit: Graphs and Course History.

For how to read the requirements on the Audit Results tab, go to Read Your Audit: Requirements.